Revolution in Education

Coronavirus, Yes a virus which is nowadays is said to be a deadly virus. A virus which takes life so easy and everyone is so afraid of. But as we…

Engineer’s Day In India

Engineer's Day in India and all over world it is a very special occasion for all engineers. This day is celebrated to give the tribute to one to the finest…

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Newborn Black Hole

Scientists first time detect the newborn black hole into space. If Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity is valid, then it produces the gravitational waves similar to sound waves originating…

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Hindi Diwas

14 September is announced to be celebrated as Hindi diwas. In 1949 Constituent Assembly of India had adopted Hindi as the official language of the Republic of India. We also…

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Ganesh Visarjan

Lord Ganesh son of lord shiv and Goddess Parvati and our all-time favourite god. This year 12 September 2019, was decided the day when we are saying goodbye to him,…

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Milk sold as gold in Pakistan

Milk a product of nutrition for all human being which we obtain from mammals. Milk is a raw product that is being used by everyone in many daily products like…

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