Best PHP Frameworks for Web Development

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It is a lot of work to make a website or an app from scratch. When you are trying to build it from scratch, you would have to do a lot of work such as creating functions that have already been created and used by thousands of other developers before you. This is just like reinventing the wheel, not at all efficient and very time-consuming. This problem can be solved by using software frameworks. Software frameworks are very helpful in providing you with the foundation on which you can build your project. In this article, we are going to tell you about a few options that are highly used by developers means Best PHP Frameworks for Web Development.

Best PHP Frameworks for Web Development

The term Framework refers to a collection of many basic functions that are either compiled into libraries or files. The frameworks are made in such a way that they provide you the foundation for developing your projects more efficiently. It contains all the functions that you would have otherwise needed to code yourself if you decided to build your project from scratch. We are not only going to list the frameworks but also discuss each of their functionality and key features that will help you to choose. It is a good option to go through all of them and choose the framework that is best for your needs.

1. Laravel

When we are talking about PHP frameworks, one of the most common names that comes to mind is Laravel. What makes this framework so popular is its elegant syntax. The syntax of Laravel is very easy to understand and work with. If you decide to use Laravel for your projects, you would be able to develop them at a very fast pace. Using Laravel is very advantageous because it allows you to keep much of the groundwork that is required in a project. These include user authentication, caching, and management of sessions. In short, it can be said that Laravel has all the functionality that you need for building a modern PHP application. The integration of Laravel with other third-party platforms and libraries like Amazon Web Services is very great. 

Features of Laravel:

  • The syntax of Laravel is very elegant.
  • The core functionalities of Laravel can be further extended by making use of add-ons.
  • You will get many built-in functions for managing users, handling routing, caching, and many more functionalities.
  • Laravel is very easy to integrate with various libraries from a third party.
  • You can run tasks in the background asynchronously for improving their performance.
  • Laravel has a very active community of developers which makes it very easy to get help from experts if you ever face a problem.

2. CodeIgniter:

The Model View Controller (MVC) architecture is used by CodeIgniter. This means that different components are used by CodeIgniter for handling different tasks of development. 

Features of CodeIgniter:

  • CodeIgniter uses a very lightweight framework. It greatly increases your performance.
  • The framework is very simple and is very well documented. This makes it very simple for developers to get started with it.
  • This framework is very well suited for building scalable applications.

3. Symfony:

Symfony is one of the most famous PHP Frameworks for Web Development that are available in the market. Once you start working with Symfony, its popularity will be 

Features of Symfony:

  • This framework is very flexible. Using this framework, you can set up individual components.
  • There is a built-in testing functionality in this framework that you can take advantage of.
  • This framework is extremely well documented so it is easy to learn how to use this framework.

4. Laminas Project:

The Laminas Project is referred to by many developers as the glue framework because of its component-based nature. It allows you to only load the components that you need for development. 

Features of Laminas Project:

  • The Laminas Project is so sought after because it is an object-oriented framework for PHP that has an MVC architecture.
  • It makes it possible for you to reuse your code.
  • You have the option to only focus on the components that you need. You do not have to be bothered about any other components.

5. Phalcon:

You might find the Phalcon framework quite odd because it was written in the C language. It is just like a C expansion of PHP. While you might find it odd, it does work like wonders because to date, it is one of the fastest PHP frameworks. Phalcon lives up to its name regarding its performance and consistency. It also uses an MVC architecture and is extremely light on resources.

PHP Frameworks for Web Development phalocon
  • Phalcon uses the PHP framework which is based on the C programming language.
  • Phalcon offers extremely good performance and very little overhead for resources. These features are great for developers to take advantage of.
  • In this framework, you have the option to only use the libraries and modules that you require.


When it comes to the topic of server-side scripting, PHP stands at the top. But even if you are a professional developer, programming all the parts of all the projects that you work on will take immense time. Choosing PHP Frameworks for Web Development is necessary if you want to skip all these hassles and proceed to the fun developing part that you enjoy. We hope that this article was insightful to you and that you were able to learn about the most famous and effective PHP frameworks out there. Try these frameworks yourself if you want to find the one that perfectly suits your development needs.

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