Ganesh Visarjan

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Lord Ganesh son of lord shiv and Goddess Parvati and our all-time favourite god. This year 12 September 2019, was decided the day when we are saying goodbye to him, in hope that he will come back soon. Lord Ganesh is considered god who takes all pain and provides lots of prosperity.

Lord Ganesh is invited to peoples home for 10 days in order to believe that he will bring lots of happiness and prosperity in their life. In these days’ people celebrate each day with lord Ganesh with different varieties of food, sweets, new cloth etc. On last day, we send back Ganesh with the hope that he will take all the negativity along with him. This process of sending him back know as Ganesh Visarjan. People make Modak with a different ingredient like Khoya Modak, Kesar Modak etc. As Modak is considered to be the favourite sweet of Lord Ganesh.

Ganesh visarjan is said to the most famous festival in Mumbai. People come a long way to see Mumbai Ganesh visarjan. In Mumbai, there is no bar for the height of Ganesh idol as people bring idols of maximum height they can. At this day Mumbai is decorated with lots of colour all over. In the last day of Ganpati people take them along with lots of music and colours to the sea which is called as Ganpati visarjan.

People celebrate it with lots of energy but some ware they forgot the environment. As before times, these idols were made of clay which is soluble in water but now plaster of Paris is being used. This plaster of Paris is very harmful to sea animal. We should all celebrate this festival but with the mind that we do not harm anyone. There are very alternative that we can use such as we can reuse the same idol again for Ganpati, even we can make Alum idol etc. as Lord Ganesh will become more happy by our good deeds then tasty sweets.

Ending this article with a hope that on next Ganpati we will have a safe Ganpati visarjan for sea animals.