Earning Money On YouTube

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Earning-Money On YouTube


If a person is capable of making money online, it would be normal for him to go for YouTube. It is earning Money On YouTube. Let’s see how.

YouTube is an exciting place for boosting one’s income. It is a video-based place, where people go to see good content videos. The application comes free of cost, is accessible to millions of world’s population, regardless of their boundaries. It would be really fun and an engaging job to make money on YouTube. People who loved videos loved also shared youtube videos on a wide range of social media platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook.

Uploading videos on youtube do not need any expensive gadget, but a simple smartphone can do the job.

Step 1: Having a YouTube Account

The most important step for earning money from youtube is to have a YouTube Account. If a person has a Google account, he automatically has a YouTube Account, since both the platforms are owned by Google and are linked. Only a person having a Google account, can upload videos on YouTube and earn money from them. A person having a Google account can search, watch and upload videos.

Step 2: Monetizing the YouTube Account

The second step involves monetization of the YouTube Account. Unless the channel is monetized, the youtubers cannot earn a single rupee. The monetization of the account is done by the YouTube when the number of subscribers of the channel reaches 1000 and 4000 watch hours within 12 months of their upload on the channel. A youtuber can develop his account always but the thing that YouTube sees is that whether in past 12 months, the person is able to reach the benchmark of 4000 watch hours or not.

If the person is successful in reaching the benchmark, he would be asked for setting up an AdSense account. Once the user reaches the benchmark, in his further videos Google is sure to put ads. So, in order to earn money, a person should set up an AdSense account to capitalise on the ads provided thereon. This is done within the YouTube account. Also, YouTube bares videos having violence, abusive language or use of drugs or any such thing considered inappropriate in the society, from setting up an AdSense account.

Step 3: Making Good Content

The next step is making good content for the people to watch. The better will be the contents, the more it will attract views and the more views the viewer will get, the more he will earn. There are several topics on which good content can be made by YouTubers. Themes like comedy, skit, Animation, ASMR, fashion, gaming, and cooking are quite popular and are watched prominently. Also, travel, tech, sports, music, and dance vlogs fetch a good audience. Videos like unboxing, product reviews, tutorials and hauls also help in garnering a good amount of views.

Earning money on youtube | Country and CPM

Earning money from youtube depends upon the number of views the person gets on youtube. It also depends upon the CPM set by the YouTube. CPM refers to the cost per million views of people. India is one of the lowest performing nation’s in CPM. The data for CPM is as follows :

United Kingdom$3.04
United Arab Emirates$1.15
Saudi Arabia$1.06

This, here we can see how India is lagging far behind in terms of CPM. This has adverse effects on those making money from youtube. For example, if a youtuber earns Rs 100000 on a video, for the very same video he might end up earning more than ten lakhs of he would be in United States of America. This huge disparity in the earnings, has huge impact on the morale of the youtuber.

Apart from views on YouTube, there are several other means from which a youtuber can earn from Youtube. These are through ads displayed by Google on their videos, selling their merchandise on YouTube, have video sponsors and YouTube premium.

  1. If the viewer watches or clicks on the ad and watches it full or for 20-30 seconds at least, the YouTuber will earn money. The number of subscribers does not matter but what matters is whether the viewers will watch the video for the said duration or not.
  2. The YouTuber has the option to sell their merchandise like their logo printed T-shirt, pen, cap, etc. There are plenty of products that can be sold by the YouTuber via Youtube and earn handsomely from them. Merchandise increases the exposure of the YouTuber by highlighting the online brand and personality of the YouTuber out into the offline world and that deepens the relationship between the YouTuber and his fans as they literally “buy” what the YouTuber is doing.
  3. Brands are willing in investing more and more in social media influencer marketing, incurring their very large advertising budgets on influencers like Instagrammers and YouTubers who have already won the loyalty of their audiences. This creates a massive opportunity for YouTubers who like social media influencers, can negotiate the right deals. The brand that comes for promotion sees the YouTuber’s reach and whether it reaches the brand’s target audience. For example, a female fashion influencer may be reached by a female cosmetics brand. Thus, the type of content and its reach are important factors for the brand to sponsor the content of the YouTuber.
  4. YouTube Premium is a paid membership program of YouTube enabling its viewers to watch their favorite content without any ad breaks. YouTube keeps nearly 45%of that premium and distributed the rest to the content creators.

Number of subscribers needed to make money on YouTube

Number of subscribers does not affect the earnings of a youtuber, but only views does. Although, in  the starting of a YouTube channel, the minimum number of subscribers required in order to get the channel monetized is 1000.

This, YouTube is a very useful and effective source of making money online from home. There are several topics to make content on and there are several people who have succeeded in making money from youtube.

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