Python for Application Development

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There are very few things that Python cannot do. You can use Python for Application Development or for basically everything. At the fastest-growing programming language in the world, Python is well recognized as a programming language that is very versatile, stable, and easy to learn. Companies and Developers can apply python to various classes of problems as it is a high-level general-purpose programming language. Due to the popularity of Python, it is very easy to find outsourcing vendors and meet almost every requirement that an application has. In today’s world, Python is considered a go-to technology in most industries. We can use python to develop 

  1. Web/ Software Development:

Python is considered one of the most readable programming languages as it is very similar to the English language. With Python, developers can quickly develop an application by writing lesser code as compared to any other programming language. Python can also be integrated very well with any other programming language. These features that we discussed in Python, have led to the growth of its vast community. The ingenious design combined with its flexibility makes python attractive to many e talented developers. This resulted in an open-source community where we can use various libraries for things such as machine learning and web development completely free. By using Python for software development, not only are the developers using the best available technologies but also they can take the help of some of the best engineers.

Python for Application Development

However, there is a downside to this. Python is an interpreted language so it performs slower as compared to other popular technologies. Android and IOS do not accept Python as a native programming language but that can be easily solved by using the Kivy framework.

2. Audio/Video Applications:

Python is very helpful for developers to analyze the vast amount of audio and video content that is present on the web. There are even some libraries that can analyze audio content automatically. Some good examples of these libraries can be Librosa and pyAudioAnalysis. It is possible to stream to one or more than one streaming site simultaneously with PyLivestream.This can be done using object-oriented Python Programming and FFmpeg. This can be used to stream Tu To many popular video streaming services such as YouTube Live, Periscope, Facebook Live, and so on.

3. Console Applications:

These are also known as command-line applications. The console applications are designed in such a way that we can use them from the shell or the command line. The console applications date back to the time when the first computer was built. In the present time, one of the best languages that can be used to develop such applications in Python. The reason for this being, Python has a read-eval-print loop. This makes it possible for us to evaluate it and explore the limitless possibilities. Python is open source thus many libraries can help developers in building command-line applications. For example, we have the standard input-output library that can read and write standard input and output. If someone is trying to build something more sophisticated than just input and output, libraries for fully-fledged console applications also exist. 

console Python for Application Development

4. Machine Learning:

Machine learning can be defined as a way to use data for helping machines in making intelligent decisions on their own. Through machine learning, a computer can evolve the algorithm it is working on, by itself. It is done by recognising the patterns in a data set. In Python, there are a large number of libraries for machine learning that developers can use for free. Some of the most famous machine learning libraries are Pandas and scikit that make machine learning very quick and efficient. If you even have a basic knowledge of Python, it is very easy to implement machine learning in your application.

Python for Application Development machine

5. Game Development:

Although Python is not very famous as a language for developing games, many famous games have been made using Python. EVE Online is one of the famous games that was written in Python. You would also be surprised to know that all of the addons of Battlefield 2 were written using Python. Another famous game, World of Tanks, also made use of Python for most of its game functionality. Being the most famous programming language at present, Python also has a lot of libraries and good tools that can be used for developing games. Game developers can use Pygame for developing and testing a game very quickly. 

Another thing that makes Python great for game development is its compatibility with other programming languages. However, Python is a bit lacking in performance as compared to native code. To overcome this developers can use Cython, which can be considered as a superset of Python. Cython is used for achieving high performance like C while the code is mostly in Python. Building design tools for games becomes very simple when you are using Python. 


Python for Application Development is a boon to the world of development. As a developer, you can find a library for everything that you will ever need. Being open-source, these libraries are constantly being developed and updated. Using the Python programming language adds not only versatility but also makes it very easy to use and flexible. This is why all the developers love Python for Application Development. If we use Python for application development, it can save us a lot of money and time. Because of all these reasons, it is a very good idea to use Python to develop any application or system software.

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