Top 10 PHP Image Processing Libraries

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PHP is the most famous server-side scripting programming language. It is widely used for developing dynamic web pages and web applications. But did you know that it can also be used for image manipulation? In this article, we have listed 10 of the best image manipulation libraries in PHP which can help you by making your task a lot simpler. Go through all of the libraries that we have listed so that you can choose the one that is best for you. Image manipulation using PHP is very simple and effective and can give your web page or web application an extra edge over the others. Here are the top 10 image processing libraries in PHP that you can use:


Imagine is an object-oriented programming library that was built in PHP 5.3 e by using the best practices and a very thoughtful design. Imagine allows for you to have unit testable code and also code that is decoupled. The imagine library consists of the color class having two arguments in its constructor. This helps in obtaining RCB code and transparency percentage in any object. Imagine is the most popular library for image manipulation and processing in PHP and you should give it a try.

2. PHP Graphic Works:

For image manipulation on the server-side, WiseLoop provides you with its PHP Graphic Works. It is a set of PHP classes that are meant for the manipulation of images on the server-side. With this, you can process the complex image in a very flexible way. Only a few lines of code are required for doing so. The commands for image processing can be made specific in a function change which e the effects processor can then parse. After being parsed, it is applied over the source image. An effect chain can be loaded from a string or even a file that is present remotely or locally.

3. Zebra Image:

This is an image processing library written in and for PHP. It is extremely lightweight, compact, and object-oriented. It provides the developer with various methods for performing different types of manipulation of images. You do not need to download any additional libraries when you are using this as all the libraries that are needed are pre-combined with PHP. This library allows you to do different things with images such as flip, rotate, crop, sharp images, and many more things. With this image manipulation library, it’s for you to apply all sorts of filters to your images. It also provides saving images in various formats and preserves the transparency of images.

4. PHP5 Image Manipulation

It is an object-oriented image manipulation library for PHP. This is an extended version of the PHP image project that can either be used inside the Zend Framework projects or on its own. It provides the users with various types of images of sports such as PNG, JPEG,  GIF, PSD, ICO, and so on.

5. Dynamic Dummy Image Generator:

It is the free PHP script that developers can use for generating images that are of any size and color. Using this, you can also add text over images.

6. WideImage:

This is an object-oriented library that is used for image manipulation. For using this library, you would need to have a PHP version higher than 5.2 and a GD2 extension. Using this library you can get to load, manipulate and save images in a very simple way. It supports the most common image formats.

7. Image cache:

This is a small class that is present in PHP. It accepts image formats such as .jpg, .png, or .gif and then compresses the image,  moves it, and finally catches the image in your browser. After having done that, it returns you the new address of the image in a printed image tag. Compressing and caching the images is a great way to reduce the load time for any page dramatically. When it comes to user retention, page load time plays a very important role. There has been a lot of statistical data showing how the load time of pages affect the businesses. 

8. Image Workshop:

It is an open-source class that makes use of the GD library. It helps you to manage images by using PHP. You can think of this class and of an image editing software in which you can add as many layers as you want with each layer having an image as the background.

9. Asido:

It is an image processing solution for PHP. It has many pluggable drivers for any virtual environment.

10. PHPThumb:

The GD library is used for creating images on the go. Many image formats are supported such as .jpeg, .gif, .png, .bnp,  and so on. You can change the output size and considered the source to be the entire image that is provided or only a part of the original image. Color resampling can also be done using this. If not, the pallet colors or nearest neighbor resizing are used. For a greater speed, ImageMagick can be used whenever possible. You can always get access to its basic functionality without anything additional installed.


These were the top 10 image processing libraries that you can use in PHP. We hope that this article was insightful and you found it interesting. You should go through all these libraries before deciding on what to use for your project. Each of these libraries has its pros and cons that you can get to know by trying them all. 

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